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OJ and Toothpaste: Not a Match Made in Breakfast Heaven

September 28, 2023

Parents like to start their children’s mornings with a breakfast that will keep them nourished and energetic until lunchtime. Many of those breakfasts include a nice big glass of orange juice. OJ sure tastes good, but your kids will enjoy it a lot more when they drink it before they brush their teeth and head out the door. A main ingredient in most kinds of toothpaste squelches citrus juice’s refreshing sweetness, which emphasizes its bitter component.

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Most mainstream toothpastes include sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), a synthetic detergent that’s also in myriad household and beauty products. SLS helps the toothpaste foam up and start its job of cleaning. At the same time, though, SLS temporarily suppresses the taste buds that sense sweetness. Fun facts: Most of our 2,000 to 4,000 taste buds are on our tongues and perceive foods and beverages that are salty, savory, sour, sweet and bitter. 

Here’s how your kids can enjoy the taste of their breakfast orange juice. Drink the OJ before they brush. To avoid letting the OJ’s acidic components settle on their enamel, have them vigorously swish their mouths with water to sweep away as much of the citric acid as possible. 

Here’s another important point: Some children brush their teeth right after they get out of bed, eat breakfast and start their days. That is a terrible habit. Brushing after breakfast is 10 times better because the breakfast’s remnants—food particles, sugar, acid, bacteria, bad breath, etc.—won’t be hanging around until their next brushing, which is usually right before they go to bed. 

Quite a few brands of toothpaste don’t include SLS. Ask a pedodontist which would be best for your child. 

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