The first sign of a loose tooth not only marks a child’s transition from being a kid to being a big kid, it also means the first visit from the tooth fairy is right around the corner. Almost all children know that when they lose a tooth, the tooth fairy will come and replace it with money while they are sleeping. A lot of parents wonder how they can make the first visit from the tooth fairy special. We have come up with a list of five creative ideas to make your child’s first visit from the tooth fairy unforgettable.

  1. An official letter

Having an official certificate is a cute way to celebrate your child’s first visit from the tooth fairy. There are many materials online that range from receipts that note everything from the age of the child to the condition the tooth was in, to miniature letters and envelopes so small only a fairy could have sent them. Receiving an official letter from the tooth fairy is a simple way to congratulate your child while reinforcing good dental habits.

  1. A treasure hunttreasure hunt

Instead of waking up to money under the pillow, leave a fun clue from the tooth fairy that takes your child on a treasure hunt around the house. Along the way, have your child find a new toothbrush and some toothpaste to get them excited about dental hygiene. At the end of the hunt, have your child find some gold coins and fairy dust for a magical finish.

  1. Use a glass of water.

Have your child place their tooth at the bottom of a big glass of water. In the morning, they will wake up to see that the tooth fairy jumped in the water to retrieve the tooth and replaced it with some coins.

  1. Create a tooth fairy basket

Easter isn’t the only occasion for a fun basket. Creating a tooth fairy basked filled with oral health goodies, books, a hand written letter from the tooth fairy herself and, of course, some money is a sure way to make the first visit from the tooth fairy unforgettable. Decorating a tooth fairy basket is made simple with fun materials available online.

  1. Build the tooth fairy her own door

Using supplies for miniature dollhouses, it is easy to create a whimsical door for the tooth fairy to enter through. Unveil the door at the first sign of loose tooth, or wait until the night of and let your child experience the excitement of seeing a door that leads to another world. It’s a simple way to keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive for all the lost teeth to come.

While the heart and soul of the tooth fairy is exchanging the tooth for money, it also provides the perfect opportunity to reinforce the good dental hygiene habits and keep children excited about their teeth.